I was an Air Force Brat

and loved the vagabond life!

My family moved around the country a lot which gave me an opportunity to see

a lot of this beautiful country of ours

and meet the most diverse

and amazing group of people!

I have been involved in creation

from an early age –

I wrote and illustrated my first short story

at age 6! I

enjoyed every type of art class offered

in high school and college

including batik, pottery, jewelry making, watercolor, oils, carving and textile arts.

Art is my passion and embellished textile art

is what I love most!

I had a rewarding and satisfying

40 year sales and marketing career

in Fresh Produce.

I was the District Sales Manager

for National Accounts at Sunkist

for 25 years and finished up my career

at Del Monte Fresh in Seattle

and as a sales consultant for a couple of large apple shippers in Washington.

I was honored to join the Art Works Gallery in 2015 as a Fiber Artist.

My work is inspired first and foremost by texture. I am fascinated with the amazing textures that occur naturally in nature – a gnarled root, a crumbling stone fence, a rusty hinge…

I embrace the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi -the beauty of imperfection. I am drawn to unusual, rough and aged fabrics, burnt and twisted yarns, the funky button or bead and spend hours treasure hunting for time-worn embellishments in the local antique or thrift store.

My art starts with an inspiration – a piece of fabric I love, a unique button or a bead, perhaps a bit of wooly yarn or roving. I start with a plain base of fabric, add and remove textures and fibers, melt some felt, stitch on a few beads and buttons and perhaps a little paint for accent. I don’t work with a plan or drawing but keep adding and taking away bits and pieces until the work pleases my eye and feels complete.

I experiment with different techniques, fabrics, fibers and embellishments in each of my pieces. I have had some happy accidents that keep me inspired and the creative juices flowing.  There is so much beauty in the humble and hand-made and I love every minute I spend making imperfect art.


Vickie Edwards, Pinecone Studio


Cold Wax, Encaustic, Oil Painting