Kathy;s Boat

Run About

I'll be Home for Christmas

Susan Dalby’s unique glass designs 
can be traditional or contemporary. 
She uses colored glass and found objects 
in unconventional shapes;
she also creates 
classic beveled and/or colored glass pieces. 


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Susan is an award winning watercolor artist whose images have graced the covers of local magazines and posters

Two if by Land One if by Sea


Panadero Espigo de Oro

Summer Sandpoint


Stained Glass, Earrings, Watercolor

Susan creates a wide variety of jewelry in glass; shown here are pendants with matching earrings

Woodie Window


Swans at Hope

Playa de La Manzanilla

Susan's stained glass artwork includes

door panels, ornamental bevels, hanging window pieces - and more

Wooden Boats in a Row