Exotic Wood Pens

Paul is a native of the Inland Northwest having lived

in Spokane, Washington for nearly 50 years.
Paul is married to Beth his best friend 
for over 30 years,

and their adult daughter, Shawna, is the love of their lives.

Their 1920 English Tudor style home
has also been a focal point of their lives.
Remodeling and caring for this fine old home
has been a labor of love for the whole family.
They also enjoy their sliver of paradise at their cabin

in Laclede, Idaho
where they spend many weekends throughout the year.

Paul became inspired to begin turning pens because

of his profession as a financial planner.
In this industry one of the only tangible elements

is the pen used to design the financial plan

and sign one’s name to the documents that are significant

in the life of the client.

  Paul will often give his clients a pen as a token

of symbolism for this important plan.

Since 2001, Paul has handcrafted exotic wooden pens
using over 50 varieties of wood from all corners of the globe.

  The wood is at the heart of the instrument and Paul searches around the world for unique and environmentally friendly wood
that can be turned into the instrument 

that it was meant to become.
Using a special lathe that turns the wood, he uses delicate hand tools

to shape the rough blocks of wood into writing instruments

that will last for generations.

The mechanics of the pen are also special using

 the finest components

for various designs and styles of pens.

 Paul seeks to accommodate a variety of hand sizes and preferences

making each pen unique and individual.

From the nearly lost art of calligraphy and fountain pens
to a more traditional simple slim style pen,
Paul hopes each person seeking an instrument

 will find one that will suit his or her hand and style.

Paul will custom design a writing instrument

for the client whose taste needs that special attention.