Mark is an award winning photographer and writer,

fascinated and intrigued with the incredible,

unpredictable outdoors and nature

starting almost 50 years ago.

Mark travels to some of the most remote,

beautiful wilderness areas of our country

searching for dramatic photographs

that capture the true essence of the natural world.

Photographing the wild side of nature

gives Mark the opportunity to find those magical places

that are off the beaten path.

His photos tell a full story

and will make you feel the passion

he has for his profession.

Whether it’s an eagle soaring,

or a stunning sunrise or sunset, untamed wildlife

or a beautiful breathtaking mountain landscape,

Mark has the ability to make you feel as though you are there. 

Mark has a wide variety of photography experience,

from wildlife and nature, rodeo, sports action,

still life and family photos.

More examples of his versatility can be seen at