Crystal Art, Fountains

 Mark was introduced to the Arts

as a child.   
His father was an Artist and a Musician,

and while Mark’s piano lessons failed, 
his oil paintings were winning blue medals.  
Encouraged by his father,

Mark developed a skill for graphic art, 
and designed many logos and poster art

for businesses.  

Today in the digital era, Mark uses

graphic design as a tool in his work. 
As a young adult,

Mark enjoyed so many different aspects

of the Arts; 
it was difficult for him to choose just one

to focus on.  
Regardless of what the piano teachers told him at a young age, 
he taught himself

how to play the piano by ear.  
Within a short period of time,

Mark was composing 
beautiful heartfelt piano music

and orchestration using digital keyboards.
Mark also enjoys cooking,

and once had a vision to open

his own restaurant.  
While the restaurant never materialized,

he was successful as a gourmet food caterer for private parties and weddings.  
He learned then, that it was all about “presentation”.  

In his late 30’s, Mark had a dream

to live life simply,

built his own home in the Country, 
but eventually found a nice little cabin

in the woods which he now calls home.  

With that shift in his life,

Mark began to take his Art seriously,

and opened his own “crafts” business.  
Mark lives on Hoodoo Mountain

in North Idaho, and he calls himself “HoodooCraft”. 
Mark’s diversity is still very strong to this day, but his focus is simply on “Arts and Craft."  
His love for Nature founded

his first components - 
pinecones, feathers, leather, wood, rocks,

and sea shells

until the “big bang”.  

Fascinated with the sparkle of crystal glass

as a child, 
it is no surprise that 

Mark's first teenage paycheck

went to purchase a crystal chandelier

to go over his piano.  

It is also no surprise that Mark started using the crystal prisms from the chandelier 
as components in his work,

and then it happened… the “BIG BANG”, 
and his Crystal Universe was born.  

The title was chosen without knowing its power of suggestion.  
Like the endless stars in the heavens,

so became the countless number of designs 
in his Crystal Universe, and the variety continues to expand.  

Mark uses the finest crystal available

known as Swarovski of Austria.  
Swarovski’s innovation fans the flames

to Mark's imagination 
with their nearly endless dazzling

and sophisticated architectural components and beads.  

From suncatchers to jewelry, there is the prefect color, the right sparkle, 
and the right price for everyone 
in his 
Crystal Universe.


To purchase or to view more of Mark's work, visit Art Works Gallery,
or view his website