Our passion for art began for each of us

at a very early age.

While Mark became a jewelers' apprentice

right out of high school in Scottsdale Arizona,

I was majoring in graphic art at a small college

in Virginia. 

When we met 23 years ago our love

of silversmithing and pottery “sealed the deal” and we have been collaborating

on our work ever since. 

About 5 years ago I discovered

torch fired enamel and was fascinated 
by watching the powdered glass melt

into vibrant color on copper.

Mark jumped in and started setting those pieces in beautiful sterling silver settings.

We are both involved in the design process

and bounce ideas off one another to create

our unique pieces of small artwork. 

Life is too short not to wear art

and we make each piece knowing

that the right person will come along

and be enamored with their purchase. 
Nothing pleases us more than to be approached by someone wearing our work. 

We both share a love of pottery and find time to switch from silversmithing to getting our hands dirty with clay. 

Recently having moved to Sandpoint we are finding new inspiration in the beauty

of this area. 


Pottery, Jewelry