Photography has been my passion

since growing up as a kid among the fine art, architecture and scenery of Northern Spain. My father was always hovering over us kids with his magic camera

and the ever present 8mm movie camera.

Those black and white photo albums

still make me smile;

I can hear his voice today saying:

“ Hey look at me!

When you grow up

this camera will someday be yours!”

which did happen;

the camera went to my brother.

Either way I loved the results

and I have so enjoyed those photos

witch tell such a beautiful story.

I started to shoot photos with film

hovering around my own kids

and everything else that caught me eye.

So much fun, like magic,

my lens has always captured

the essence of life

and the soul of my subject.

Later on, as photography moved digital,

I reluctantly made the transition

to my first SLR.

At first, I was disappointed

with the technology higher ISO and aliasing, then my curiosity took me

deeper into the digital world -

a world of the many possibilities

without chemical processing.


Along with filling my deep need for expression and an appreciation for the things

everywhere around us,

I most value photography as a tool

to tell a story using candid photographs

that reflect the essence of each moment

to last a life time.

Whether surrounded by an ecosystem,

a culture, or an outdoor activity,

I delve deeply into the aspects of my subject, looking to capture all that my eye sees

through the lens

and then tying it all together in a theme.

Based in Sandpoint, in beautiful North Idaho,

a traveler of the world,

an avid outdoor adventurer

with many years of architectural background, in love with shapes,

patterns, textures, light and color,

I go through life capturing slices of time through my lens

and turning them into visual stories.

They say,

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

  I believe those words should speak to us.

Thank you for taking your time to view my work...comments are welcome!