Now based in North Idaho, I have deep roots throughout the northwest, most notably in Oregon and British Columbia.

I became intrigued with photography during a 1971 trip to Europe, armed with an old Leica lovingly given to me by my father.

Not long after I stopped working, the husband of a childhood friend was severely and permanently injured in a car accident.

Would I consider, they asked, coming back to rural B.C., where I had once lived, to caretake their beautiful property on Kootenay Lake?

I agreed, and before heading north, purchased my first digital camera with an intent to seriously pursue a long-suppressed passion.

That spring I focused initially on what was immediately around me, sending digital images - a kind of photography journal -
to Paul and Osa at the rehab facility in Vancouver as a way of keeping them connected with their place in the Kootenays.

It was fascinating to record daily changes .  in the light, the opening of a leaf or a flower, always something new.

I remember while taking images of ivory peonies after a rain, feeling such a sense of privilege - even honor - at being able to photograph such beauty.

While I am inspired by many things, I especially respond to nature -  its diverse shapes, textures, patterns, and colors - 
and am particularly drawn to the sensual beauty of flowers, both wild and domestic.

I am most happy when a finished piece so reflects my experience in the field
that others have a sense of it too.

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