Growing up in the White Mountains of NH instilled in me a great respect for the natural world. I recently expanded my horizons by moving to northern Idaho. I spend as much time as I can out of doors in the woods. I do this in all seasons, and the pure magnitude of it all never ceases to amaze me. There is never a lack of subject matter to illustrate, it is more a question of what to choose.

I acquired a degree in Commercial Art and Design and have spent most of my career as a graphic designer, but have always illustrated on a freelance basis or just for myself. In 2007, I set up my studio and started producing artwork on a regular basis. My confidence as an artist grew and I had my first gallery show in 2009.

I use pen and ink, pencil, colored pencil, and a combination of the aforementioned. I love the minutia of my subject matter and use the smallest pen tip or finest pencil point to model a 3-D object out of a 2-D surface. An incredible amount of time and effort goes into each piece - a true labor of love. In my pen and ink stipple work, each dot is strategically placed, and I think of my colored pencil work as paintings, with layer upon layer of color to achieve the desired realism.

Every nature-oriented project excites me as it allows me to explore the intricacies of the individual subject as well as the particular medium I am using. My attention to detail and passion for gardening recently led me to studying Botanical Illustration.

I invite you to enjoy my work!

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Denise Crowley

Pen & Ink  l  Colored Pencil  l Graphite