Jewelry, Photography

I am and have always been creative;
I was born to be an artist. 

I've dabbled in the arts from macramé

and embroidery in the 70's

to creating my original designs in stained glass, and in and out of watercolors all throughout.

Photography became a natural for me,

but not until I was 50 years old!

My natural eye for balance

and my love of nature

is demonstrated in my images.

Designing jewelry is a passion for me,

making things that have never been thought of, leaving my unique mark of style and originality. A fountain of ideas ensued.

I love colors - all of them -

they are the beauty of life,

the expressions of the soul.

Being an artist lets me see and dream things that have never been dreamed.

Artists were born to let others' consciousness expand - way beyond their own reality.

I'm proud of my gifts and hope their results make others happy for eternity.