Dan lived and loved his early years growing up in an oil camp in the mountains between Meeker and Craig, in Northwest Colorado. Hiking, camping, skiing, and wildlife were his life outside of school. He attended a one room school house with 8 students; the teacher, Mrs. Aspergren, taught all the subjects, AND played piano and taught art. She was the most amazing artist Dan’s young eyes had ever seen, and he fell in love with art and music.

A football scholarship brought him to the University of New Mexico where he studied architecture, photography and engineering.  Before becoming a full-time artist, he worked as a sheepherder in Colorado, a game warden in Alaska, a design architect in New Mexico and a free-lance photographer.

Dan Carpenter has achieved widespread acclaim for his beautiful and evocative paintings of wildlife and Western subjects.  His acrylic paintings capture the humor and essence of the animals as well as the wonderful natural settings in which they are found.  Dan paints with fine detail and realism and with his 'fairly fine' sense of humor.  He is frequently commissioned to paint portraits of his patrons with their favorite animal.

Dan described himself as being in the continuing process of becoming a "self-taught artist" and admits to learning something from almost every artist he meets. While specializing in the wildlife and landscapes of the American West, Dan has also been able to study subjects all over the country.  He has been fortunate enough to observe whales, eagles, and the brown bear, among other wildlife, in Alaska and Canada.

 Dan and his wife Judy moved to the north shore of Lake Pend Oreille, near Sandpoint Idaho, in November 2008.  A new updated studio is in full use, and new paintings are being created daily, unless they are out fishing, hiking, or photographing the abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery that is North Idaho.


Acrylics - Wildlife and Western