I was raised in the San Francisco bay area.

At the age of 16 I started my professional career as a performing artist,

acrobat and aerialist.

My career ranged from theme parks, musicals, dance companies, Vegas reviews, Moulin Rouge, film,

then twelve years with Sesame Street Live

as a performer, choreographer and director.

After twenty years touring

with national & international productions

my husband and I retired from the road

to build our house near Sandpoint, Idaho,

and to expand my creative expression

as an artist.

Earth Dance sculptures are inspired

by my love & experience of dance

and the beauty and spirit in nature. 

Each sculpture is one of a kind

in a mixed media of wood, stone and clay, then embellished with a variety of materials. The wood I use is mainly Ocean Spray,

which is a common shrub

in the inland northwest region.

The stones for the heads and bases are collected from Lake Pend d’Oreille

and the Pacific Coast.

Life is the radiant art of spirit.

Earth Dance sculptures are an integration

of matter & spirit.

The beauty and essence of wood & stone form the sculpture. Imagination, emotions

and creativity are expressed through dance.

Through our art we bring into the world something that did not previously exist.

We enlarge the universe.


Earth Dance Sculpture, Jewelry