J. L. Williams "Capasso"

Oil Painting

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Have you ever passed an old junkyard and pondered the stories behind the rusting heaps of metal and glass? Was the worn out, weathered truck something of a shell or shadow left behind from the old farmer that used it every day of his working life to support his family. What about the battered family station wagon from the 50s? How many amazing vacations and adventures did it carry its family to? The mad rush to the hospital to bring a new child into the world or perhaps even death in a tragic last ride.

Capsso's current work is a series that starts with these thoughts and tries to go even deeper into the many metaphors between old and new, junk and treasure.  Growing old gracefully and retaining hidden beauty in the rust, dents and broken windows of a well lived life. The old cars and trucks symbolize the journey we all take, from the showroom to the junkyard! What remains are a thousand stories, countless layers of faded paint and hollow shells of our once proud frames.

Capasso is interested in small town America and it's rural surroundings. Old cars and trucks, the local pubs and diners, Main St. and its small shops, the local movie theater and all the fascinating folks that make it tick. 
In an age of strip malls and urban sprawl, he strives to capture both the memories of a much simpler time and the warmth and character of today's small town paradises. Sandpoint is the epitome of this lifestyle. 

"Human nature cannot be studied in cities except at a disadvantage--a village is the place. There you can know your man inside and out--in a city you but know his crust; and his crust is usually a lie.

Mark Twain, 1883

About the Artist

J. L. Williams "Capasso" is a retired Navy veteran, aerospace entrepreneur, inventor and artist currently residing in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho. He is originally from Kankakee, Illinois and is a combat veteran who served for 24 years in the US Navy as a naval aircrewman.

His travels have given him a unique world perspective that he draws his inspiration from. He is married to the lovely Leilani Williams from Hawaii and they have 5 adult children. Jeff is very much interested in adventure, travel and painting. He enjoys secluded, exotic locations that few have a chance to visit. His favorite location for painting is the scenic Northwest and Northern Idaho as it provides a never-ending source of beautiful landscapes and quaint small-town settings. He goes by the name of "Capasso" for his art because of his love of Italian culture and the Italy trips that inspired many of his early abstracted landscapes.  

In his art, his tastes and styles vary greatly. He has experimented in cubism, futurism, abstract expressionism, impressionism and realism. He favors working in Oils but has many works in Acrylics and Watercolors as well. One of his favorite topics is Jazz Musicians and enjoys jazz music while painting. In other works such as his Italian series he tries to capture the romance of Sicily and the timelessness of Mediterranean fishing villages. His newest series called “Rust Never Sleeps” examines the hidden beauty and metaphors he finds in old cars and trucks. The painterly methods he applies almost presents an abstract painting within a painting of the beautiful rusted patina of these workhorses of yesterday.