Janusz’ paintings are an expression of love of the earth
in its ultimate state of natural beauty. 

By staying close to her core beliefs
she expresses her truth as an observer of the ideal environment. 
Her paintings of nature create works of transcendent power. 
Deep within each of us is a personal unconscious
and, at a deeper level, a collective unconscious
capable of communicating over time. 

Connecting with a Janusz painting
touches a familiar place of understanding in our soul,
the collective unconscious reaches across all barriers. 
It transcends and transforms our experience. 
Her intention for the observer of a painting is to bathe in the color and light
and linger in the nuances of the creative forms, reminiscent of nature. 

Matthew Fox believes that “the spiritual dimension of the artist’s journey
is to create the artist. 

We are all gifted. 
We are all, to some extent, artists,
and all of us are creating ourselves.”

 Janusz Studio by the Lake
P.O. Box 3
Hope, Idaho 83836
(208) 290-1279

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Barbara Janusz paintings emerge from her vision
to communicate the poignant beauty of nature,
to express a spiritual connection acquired i

n the practice of the creative process
and the desire to share that knowledge. 

Joseph Cambell tells us, “One’s heart is wakened,

not by the form of the work, but by its content.
Like the priest, the artist is the master of metaphorical language.”

Janusz selects a theme and creates a series of paintings,
for example, Waterfalls, Lily Ponds,
Fly Fishing, Landscapes, Flowers, etc. 

Her series of Water paintings entitled “Water the Spirit of Life”
includes imaginary scenes and actual places. 

Janusz says, “To stand before a waterfall

is an awe inspiring and healing experience. 
The miracle of transparent water

bathing in light flowing in hidden crevices and over rock formations, moulded by time,
touches my inner being and from this inspiration
my intention is to enhance the quality of life through my paintings.” 

Rumi said, “Let the beauty we love be what we do. 
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

About the Artist
Barbara Janusz received her Master of Arts degree
from the University of California at Long Beach in 1982.  

Janusz is a signature member of Watercolor West
and has exhibited in numerous Watercolor Societies
such as the Salmagundi Club, New York, NY,
and the Rocky Mountian National where she received a Gold Medallion award. 
Other exhibitions include
the Northwest Watercolor Society, Idaho Watercolor Society
and the Montana Watercolor Society. 
Her solo exhibitions include the Clymer Museum of Art, Ellensburg, Washington 2007,
and the Spokane Opera House, Spokane, Washington. 

 Janusz’ work has been featured in books and publications including:
“In Watercolor” Rockport Publishers
“California Art Review,” a survey of leading artiest.
“Fly Fisher Magazine” cover painting by Janusz, Keokee Publishing, Sandpoint Idaho

For more information on Janusz,

contact the artist through Art Works

or her website 

Janusz encourages you to immerse yourself in landscape. 
Turn to nature as a solace, a path to healing and peace within. 
If we take care of the earth it will take care of us. 
Our responsibility is to live consciously and responsibly

with each other and the environment.