“Recycled, Repurposed  and Recaptured into functional art”

“When you are left with nothing but broken
pieces…take them…rearrange them….and make a masterpiece!”

As a Pacific NW glass artist for over 40 years, I have grown to love working with both glass and recyclable products for many reasons.  Other than the universally obvious of trying to keep all we can out of our landfills, there is a great additional benefit not only to the environment but for the artist as well as the recipient of that art.  By working predominately with recycled product, my pieces can never be exactly duplicated. The original will always be the original and a unique one of a kind.

All of my tempered glass artwork is earth conscious and eco-friendly.  Each piece is made from over 80% recycled materials.

I concentrate primarily on recapturing tempered glass.  Taking unwanted, old, cast-out tempered windows and doors, I repurpose these materials in a variety of different avenues, from 2-dimensional wall art to 3-dimensional sculptures.

I offer regional, custom and commissioned works.  My art is currently represented in galleries and specialty shops in Washington, Idaho, California and Oregon.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork, Alice Beckstrom

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