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Lucy West

Lucy West

Acrylic Painting

Lucy West receives BEST OF SHOW honor from SpaceFest IV!

The Award Winner is "Orion Nebula"

Apollo Astronaut Alan Bean with Lucy at her booth.
"He had a hand in inspiring my direction as a space artist!"

Lucy was invited to attend Spacefest IV as an attending artist.
This is a huge show centered on past, present, and future space exploration.
Many Apollo astronauts and shuttle astronauts gave presentations,
as well as some of today's top astrophysicists, astronomers, scientists and visionaries.

"I am utterly beside myself to think that I will be exhibiting
alongside the cream of the crop in the industry,
and alongside one of my all time heroes,
Apollo astronaut Alan Bean, the fourth man to walk on the moon.
Bean will be judging the art show
along with Andrew Chaikin, (space historian, author of 'Man On The Moon.')

"This is the next best thing to taking a ride into space!" 

The show ran May 30th to June 3rd.

Congratulations, Lucy!

Check out this honor at

* * *
Born 9/11/64 - West grew up in Frankfort, Ky.,
immersed in the creative environment of an artistic family.

Her aspirations of becoming an artist were highly supported by her family
and her dreams became reality
when she began selling wildlife and landscape paintings at age fourteen.
By seventeen West had launched a full-time business
selling fine art and custom airbrushed apparel.

"Star Path"

In 1984 West moved her business to Daytona Beach, Florida.
This era began a decade of artistic transformation as an unyielding desire surfaced
to explore new aspects of the creative process.
Experimenting with abstract concepts and multi-faceted techniques,
images rich in symbolism emerged.
To develop a personal definition of what she found to be artistically important
she broke away from traditional subject matter.
The outcome of this reflective period is evident in pieces such as
Earthcry" (1990), "Ancient Chaos" (1990) and "The Nature of Ecstasy" (1991).

 "Celestial NW"

In 1990 West reformatted Lucy West Studios to include
fine art commissions,
large scale murals, architectural and engineering renderings,
illustrations for film, music and literary markets,
and computer and commercial graphics for corporate and advertising companies.
This timeframe also produced contemplative pieces such as
"Gateway of Autonomy" (1994), "
Lily of the Lake" (1996)
and "
Eternal Messenger" (1997),
all of which exemplify her transition
from human relationship studies into exploring inner seeking.

 "Celestial Lotus"

In 2000 West relocated to southern California
where she met her husband.
Exhibiting with various galleries and shops,
including Antiquarius (Beverly Hills) and Artisans Exchange Fair Trade (Clamermont),
her time in California generated a new phase of creative study
seen in paintings such as "
Songs of Submission",
Man Who Is Honest"
and "
Freedom Endures". 


In 2005 West and her husband moved to north Idaho
near the historic town of Sandpoint.
She is currently working on a new series titled "Idaho Collection".
Her love for the majestic northwest terrain is illustrated in pieces such as
Dogwood, Teal and Gold", "Tosca's Trail" (shown below) 
and "The Alchemy of Light".

"Tosca's Trail"

To see more of Lucy's art or to purchase her work, please visit Art Works Gallery,
or her




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